"I'd Go Anywhere With You", 2160 x 960, 48 second looping animation
Music by Infraction

"If you’ve been following me for a while, then I’m sure you’ve seen me sing praises over Audrey’s incredible work. So it was only a matter of time before we created something together. But what’s the best way for a 3D animator and a painter to collaborate?
We decided to make something that would showcase each of our strengths. Audrey specializes in painting New Mexico landscapes, mountains, and rich skies. So we decided to create a looping, 3D universe that incorporated these elements for Audrey to paint.
We then wanted to use the animation as a way to tell the story of how the painting comes together. So, if you look carefully, you can see how all the different elements in the animation line up to form the final frame that Audrey put to canvas.
For us, this piece is about falling in love with someone and taking on the world together. Figuring out how to create it was a hugely rewarding process for both of us; We were pushed outside of our comfort zones and learned from each other along the way.
It’s also representative of a personal transition for myself, as I work to evolve my style and hopefully preserve what I’ve built so far as something to look back on fondly. After this, the dancing flamingos will be going on vacation for a while.
'I’d Go Anywhere With You' is now available on SuperRare. The collector will also receive Audrey’s original painting (54” x 24”, acrylic on canvas)."

- Gavin Shapiro

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