"I'd Go Anywhere With You", 54" x 24", Acrylic on Canvas

"This collaboration with Gavin was one of the most exciting and memorable artistic experiences of my career.  As a painter, my strongest influences have always been those most personal to me, like imagery from my childhood and landscapes from where I grew up. 
When Gavin and I met, we knew we needed to one day plan an artistic collaboration together. Two creative people falling in love seemed like the perfect opportunity to create something powerful and personal. As two artists of very different media, Gavin a digital artist and me a traditional painter, figuring out a successful idea for our collaboration took time. 
When we finally landed on this concept, we knew we were onto something. Working with Gavin on building a 3D universe filled with elements I love to paint - dynamic skies, colorful mountains, glaring chrome flares - was wildly fulfilling, but blending those themes alongside his recognizable aesthetic was truly what made this a successful collaboration. Painting a world that he and I conceptualized together was incredible, and the outcome is a true testament to our creative spirits and connection to one another.

A few fun facts about this piece:

• The truck featured in the animation and painting is based on the actual truck I drove in high school: a 1986 Toyota pickup named Rex. It was my father’s engagement gift to my mother in lieu of the traditional ring. My mom still drives it to this day. 

• The New Mexico license plate on the back of the truck says 'Junebug', named after our 1-year old kitten. See if you can spot her lurking in one of the process photos below.

• I listened entirely to true crime podcasts when I created this piece, so each element reminds me of the specific murder I learned about while painting it."

- Audrey Heyman
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